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Concert photography

Starting @ $400.00: covering a high energy event where the story unfolds everywhere. Photos returned are scaled to the duration and/or variation of the concert. Always on a swivel and moving around like a mad man. All photos will be delivered in full resolution and in your position in 7 days or less. I’m guaranteed to provide a unique look and feel to your musical experience. *Click the photo to see what concerts with me are like->


Portraiture & fashion shoots

Starting at $300.00: let us slow it down and focus on telling your story. Whether it be fashion or capturing who you are, there is a story to be told. Including a minimum of 50 high res downloadable photos and a gallery curated to you and your story. You are guaranteed to have quality and quantity. *Click the photo for some more examples of my fashion/portraiture work. ->


Video projects:

Starting at $500.00- Music videos, concerts, corporate events, parties and events of all sizes. Capturing the essence of you through motion picture. We’ll have a blast as we embark on a journey in sight and sound. Let’s get together and break down the details. (To the right is an example of a Instagram/Facebook story motion photo that I create alongside every video I create).*Click the photo for more of my videos->